About tabesh rayan energy

About tabesh rayan energy

1) Software TABESH (HVAC) : This software in the field of heating and cooling loads and energy consumption of buildings we this software is very powerful and applied the same samples, including carriers and is about the ability of energy consumption in buildings and provides appropriate solutions to the energy savings.

• Computing facilities (cooling and heating loads) and provide a checklist of energy consumption (topic Nineteenth National Building Regulations) radiation and provide software solutions for the energy optimization of buildings in the design phase 

• Energy management of building projects with the calculations and provide a checklist in the implementation phase   

• Education savings in energy consumption (topic 19 National Building Regulations)

2) Software interactive floor : 

 • It provide cheerful and enjoyable place 

 • It implements highly innovative advertising techniques 

 • It is fascinating for all age groups   

• It would attract audience’s attention and lead to increase duration of their stoppage in your intended places

Contact Info

Contact Info

  • Nader Yasaei
  • No. 320, 2 floor, Science and Technology Park), Tabriz, Iran
  • +98 41 33362448
  • +98 41 33853565
  • +980 9144017899
  • info {@} Tabeshco.ir
  • www.Tabeshco.ir
Tabesh Rayan Energy Products

Tabesh Rayan Energy Products