About Tak Gene Zist

About Tak Gene Zist

Takgene Co. is the first industrial scale probiotic manufacturer in Iran, which use modern technologies and employs the most professional and motivated human resources to increase the health of its consumers.
The company is the only well-known mother company in the field of biotechnology.
The main task of Takgene is to organize the market for the production and consumption of functional food products in the country.

The most important areas of its activity include the following:

  • Dairy Starters
  • Dairy probiotics
  • Fermented dairy drinks
  • livestock, poultry and aquatic probiotics
  • Non-Dairy probiotics

service activities:

  • Perform extensive clinical tests to confirm the efficacy of probiotics produced in Takgene
  • Implement strategies to expand the consumption of functional products by balancing the cooperation of government and private companies
  • The expansion of the largest reference of indigenous microorganisms, which is now at the disposal of Takgene, to the Middle East
  • Collaboration with researchers and experts in the field of microorganisms used in the food industry, in order to measure and produce industrial results of their studies
  • Scientific and technological support from domestic probiotic product manufacturers
Contact Info

Contact Info

  • Dr,Maryam taj abadi ebrahimi
  • F.4- N.214-WEST nosrat-tohid sq . tehran .iran
  • +98 21 54751000
  • +98 9121088517
  • m.payan {@} takgene.com
  • www.takgene.com
Tak Gene Zist Products

Tak Gene Zist Products